17/03/23: intervention of M. Fernandez-Bertier at ERA’s annual conference on white-collar crime in the EU

This European Academy of Law (ERA)’s hybrid annual conference will analyse the current European policy and legal framework for countering white-collar crime, as well as new legislative proposals. It will discuss recent insights, case studies and best practices at both EU and national levels.

During this seminar, Mr. Fernandez-Bertier will address the challenges of white-collar crime prevention in an evolving regulatory framework, and the interplay of white-collar crime prevention and criminal defence. He will discuss, at this occasion, the latest evolutions in international economic and financial sanctions, anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing, anti-bribery and corruption, whistleblowing channels and protections, and administrative v. criminal offences (including dawn raids, (internal) investigations and legal privilege).


March 17, 2023

Location: ERA Conference Centre Metzer Allee 4 54295 Trier Germany

Time: 8.30am – 19.30pm

Speaker: Fernandez-Bertier Michaël