Ethics and Compliance

"Navigating legal and regulatory obligations in the interest of business efficiency"

To protect the interest of their companies, people, partners and assets, businesses are advised to promote both an ethical and a compliant cultures internally.

The complementarity nature of Ethics & Compliance is reflected in our firm’s logo: by facing each other, the E & C work jointly to help businesses navigate the maze of their legal and regulatory obligations to protect their legal and economic interests.


Ethics & Compliance is a consulting firm specialized in ethics and legal and regulatory compliance.

At Ethics & Compliance, we assist businesses from both financial and non-financial industries in complying with their legal and regulatory obligations whilst pursuing business efficiency.

We provide our services to both individuals and legal entities, from SMEs to (listed) international groups.

Our culture is that of providing tailored assistance to our business partners, taking into account the nature, size and specificities of their activities and following a risk-based approach.

From setting up the right ethics & compliance culture and governance framework, to drafting and implementing risk-based policies and procedures, advising on efficient processes and tools, giving trainings, providing ad hoc legal advices, or taking on outsourced functions, we thrive to deliver the highest quality and business oriented services at all times.

In addition to broader ethics & compliance topics such as codes of conduct, conflicts of interest or ESG, we provide particular expertise in financial crime prevention and white-collar crime, including but not limited to anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing, economic and financial sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption, whistleblowing, UBO management, de-risking management, crypto assets fraud prevention, market abuse prevention, tax and other frauds prevention, and dawn raids, internal and regulatory investigations.