27/04/23: intervention of M. Fernandez-Bertier at ERA’s conference on sanctions in the EU’s external relations

Sanctions are restrictive measures adopted from time to time, by countries and/or supra/international organisations, via laws and regulations, in pursuit of specific foreign policy and security objectives. They include financial and economic sanctions and export controls.

This European Academy of Law (ERA)’s hybrid seminar will provide participants with detailed knowledge on legal aspects of restrictive measures applied by the European Union, including the recent jurisprudence of the CJEU. The EU guidelines on the implementation and evaluation of restrictive measures, as well as best practice in implementation, will be analysed within the wider international context of sanctions imposed by other governments and entities, including the UK and USA. Details about the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime will be presented, as well as the latest measures regarding sanctions against Russian entities.

During this seminar, Mr. Fernandez-Bertier will take a look beyond the EU and discuss the UK’s and USA’s sanctions regimes and their interplay with EU restrictive measures.


April 27, 2023

Location: Metzer Allee 4, 54295 Trier, Germany
Time: 8.30am-16pm
Speaker: Fernandez-Bertier Michaël